My crochet furbelows needs warts


I suspect that I am the first person ever to write ‘my crochet furbelows needs warts’.  That gives me a strange feeling of satisfaction.

Anyway, just been for a wander on Penzance beach on my way to the shops and found this washed up.  It’s been quite rough in the bay over the last couple of days and this poor seaweed has been torn from its moorings below the low tide level.  Good for me though.  Made me realise that I need to crochet some warts on the holdfast – that’s the bit at the bottom that anchors the seaweed to rock. [Thinking ‘Warty bottom!’ to self and failing to  resist the temptation to say it out loud].  I think some bobble stitch is called for. Hmm.  How to change the colour?

And for clarity, the crochet verion is on the right.  I know!  It’s hard to tell isn’t it?

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