Sewing saves lives!

morsbags-logoOk, so when I say ‘NatureKnits’ I’m using the word ‘Knits’ to mean knitting, sewing and crochet.  Obviously. Because then, you see, I can tell you about other wonderful crafty projects that support nature. Cunning, eh?

If you haven’t yet seen it, check out the Morsbags site.  It’s a great project aimed at getting crafters to make, share and give away shopping bags to help cut down on pesky plastics that find their way into our oceans, killing marine wildlife. Kudos to Cornish Bagger for using hand-cranked Singer sewing machines to get people involved in making their own bags – a woman after my own heart.  Having used Singers with children and families, they’re a great, social way of getting going on sewing.  And its amazing (but perhaps not that surprising) how many people have granny’s old Singer ‘somewher in the loft’.  Those venerable old ladies were built to last (the Singers not the grannies, sadly).

Shutting up now.

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