Work in progress AKA playing with pegboard.

img_1331Life has a tendency to interfere with craft and blogging.  Take this last week.  I’ve just changed my work pattern – now two days a week in a local college and the rest working on other projects, largely from home.  So, I’ve been setting up a workspace/ office/ craft room.  I’m really keen to keep work separate from the rest of my home life, so having a separate area is really important and luckily we have the room.  I’ve set myself a strict budget and, anyway, I much prefer to re-use or upcycle.  I also want to work in a space that’s practical and makes me happy.

Long story short, I invested in some pegboard to help keep tools off my worktable.  Yesterday and this morning I’ve been happily getting it sorted into a collection of found, recycled and charity shop frames.  I’m not quite there yet – I think what I need to put up there will emerge gradually, so for the moment it’s a work in progress.  The good news is that it makes me smile, particularly the blingy gold-framed mini magnetic whiteboard.  Great for shopping and to-do lists.  And if it all looks a little wonky, that’s because everything in our hundred plus year-old house is a bit wonky.

(As a side note, the cat just jumped up onto the keyboard and typed ‘deeeeeeeer’ into the title box of this post.  A craving for venison perhaps?  A mis-spelled display of affection? [he is a cat after all].  Or just his usual heat-seeking behaviour?  BTW, remind me to tell you some time about my previous puss who dialled the emergency services at 1.30 in the morning.  True story.  Honest.)


  1. I really like the idea and how you re-used a collection of items!
    I think I may try some pegboard for my maany vintage thread spools, which are currently sadly sitting in boxes. It would be nice and easier to actually be able to glance at them without having to rummage through the boxes!
    But it may never happen, as at the moment I’m leaving a temporary life and have no space of my own here!! oh, well… later then!

    • ‘Wooden’ pegboard is surprisingly hard to find here in the UK. None of the big stores hold it, so I had to go online – not cheap of course, but worth it. I’d happily buy more. I think it’s a material with lots of possibilities – but I’m working hard on not getting too distracted! Good luck with finding your own space.

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