I’m a scientist, science busker, educator and craftswoman living in West Cornwall with my partner and our cat, Pip.  I love to knit, sew, crochet and write patterns, taking my inspiration from what I see around me and what I know well.  I’m also a great fan of social crafting and the power of communities to create great things together.

[For those of you looking for Pipknits, fear not!  Pip the cat is alive and well and no doubt currently curled up somewhere warm].


  1. Hi Pipknits, What a great blog you have and what a great sense of humor too! Love your cat though indeed he/she seems a little camera shy,hiding its sweet little face. So different from my vain dog Charley;0) Your knitting is wonderful and magical. Look forward to see more! Cheers, Johanna.

    • Thank you Johanna. Yes, Pip is a little camera shy – doesn’t want to be swamped by too many female admirers. And I’m glad you like my sometimes mad knitting. I just wish I had more time to turn some things into patterns. Best wishes, Pipknits

      • Yes it is Swedish. Garn = yarn/harmoni = harmony. 😉 It is common in Swedish to have a compound word, i.e. no space between the two words. So it is a nicely unified concept reflecting my yarn creations as a musician.
        Välkommen/ Welcome to the blog! 🙂 Christina

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